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Sterling Rope

10mm Rope Static & Low Stretch Safety Pro

Manufactured to meet the demands of work and rescue professionals, the 10mm SafetyPro has balanced construction and is ideal for rappel and tag lines, anchor systems or light rescue loads...


Sterling Rope ''2'' Polyester Flat Webbing

Our new 2" webbing is made from 100% Polyester with a smooth but dense weave for high strength and easy, soft handling. We designed this new webbing for general-use purposes...


BARC-Rigging Web Chain

We designed the BARC with full-strength individual loops, which provides an adjustable rigging chain that’s strong at any length. For use as a basal anchor, canopy anchor or for knotless...

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7/16" SuperStatic2 - 1 Meter

Can be sold per meter


Pico Double Pulley Rescue

At 3.3 oz and roughly the size of a golf ball, the Pico Double Pulley is a whole lot of pulley in a compact shape. Featuring sealed ball bearings for...


Evolution Duetto 8.4mm - 60M

The Duetto is built to be lightweight with a great hand. The smooth, abrasion resistant sheath glides over the snow and ice and through gear effortlessly. The Duetto is the...


Fusion Nano IX- 80M - Dry Treated

The Fusion Nano IX is a great choice for alpine touring and glacier travel. Its weight makes it easy for one person to carry and it offers the benefit of...

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10.5mm SafetyPro - 1 Meter

A technical work and rescue line, manufactured to meet the EN standards, the 10.5mm SafetyPro has excellent abrasion resistance and is the perfect option for rappel and backup lines. ...


Fusion Nano IX - 9.0

Our original Nano was a perennial team favorite; the default sport climbing rope for performance climbers. Certified as a single, half, and twin rope the Nano IX is lean, mean...

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