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Chalk/Chalk Bag

Koala Chalk Bag

Beautifully designed chalk bag with stiff, easy-access rim and tooth brush holder. Waist belt included!


Executive Rolldown Chalk Bucket-S16

Borrowing the same aesthetic appeal as our Dry Bag series, our Rolldown Chalk Bucket is designed to keep your chalk dry while looking stylish.  It's rolldown design keeps your chalk...

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Mojo Repo Chalk Bag-S16

Built with repurposed fabric scraps from our sewing factory, the Mojo Repo provides a unique, upcycled style.


8b+ Boulder Bag

Hey Champ, don't be fooled by my relaxed nature. I am all about bouldering. Innovative technical features, like my dirtproof base pocket for your boulder guide, or my extra steady...


Mojo Chalk Bag-S16

With a classic, cylindrical design, pliable wire rim and a TPU lower for added abrasion resistance and durability, the Black Diamond Mojo Chalk Bag is our go-to chalk bag for...


300 g Loose Chalk

Pure, uncut and ready to rock.

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Kid's Chalk Bag

Just for the little one. Description: Sized smaller than our Koala, the Kid's Chalk Bag is the perfect accessory for the little ones. Available in three different playful designs of...

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